Strength Begins with Self-Love

by:  Annie Burnside

Strength is such an important topic in these times as we begin to understand that ego-strength is quite different from spiritual strength. Spiritual strength stems from knowing, accepting, and loving SELF, and therefore others, beyond labels, agendas and judgments, whereas ego-strength is based on them. If we truly desire to grow and expand our world, we must first grow and expand ourselves through the self-discovery of an inner strength that radiates outward into all that we feel, think, say and do. As this understanding of inside first, outer second, as well as being first, doing second takes hold more and more in our mainstream culture we will see great changes in our world.

In order to assist other families—I say families rather than individuals because it is my hope that we begin to view families of all shapes and sizes as the perfect vortex for sharing the fruits of self-exploration—I have created the initial framework for a SELF-LOVE Kit. I encourage parents and children alike to work with these offerings—discuss them, collage them, journal them, draw them, express them and create soul reminders (visual cues) with them. These starting points can be either a powerful beginning or an exciting expansion of deepened inner strength within the home depending on where each family is with the unfolding of their conscious spirit-embodiment.

I encourage parents to become the spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. Our children are ready. A yearning for soul depth literally pulsates behind the eyes of our young today, but they need guidance to remember and allow their personal soul truth rather than conform to the dictates of others. It is time that we assumed a greater responsibility for reminding our children the truth of their divine nature and all that this glorious heritage opens up for them. There is no one else to do it. The time is now for parents to model self-realization through their own self-exploration and invite the innate inner strength that lives within our children to burst forth. I hope the following SELF-LOVE points assist all families to shine their individual lights more brightly, for the world is indeed waiting…


Experiencing a greater intimacy with our own soul through inner work, stillness, presence and joy.


Understanding that we are, first and foremost, powerful, creative, divine, limitless, formless, eternal and infinite spiritual beings who co-create reality with the Universe according to our vibration—energetic frequency related to all that we think, say, do, believe and feel.


Accepting, claiming and celebrating the divine paradox that is life—the nature of reality is actually and/both rather than either/or—and the peace that can be found as we rest within the paradox instead of resist it.


Understanding that our truth is personal, powerful, and unique to us, as there are an infinite number of streams that ultimately lead to the glorious sea of self-realization.


Feeling our way through our soul rather than solely thinking our way through our mind when it comes to making a simple decision or choosing a life path, allowing our spirit to captain the ship.


Factoring ourselves in at all times no matter what the circumstance so that we may always live true and offer our highest truth to the world at large.


Embracing our humanity by tenderly and lovingly acknowledging, accepting, and appreciating all universal human experiences as what it means to become consciously spirit-embodied by becoming a witness to our story rather than the story itself.


Making our overall well-being—emotional, physical, mental and spiritual— the TOP priority in each and every choice due to the deep understanding that everything in our reality stems from it.


Consistently making conscious choices that reflect our truth not the truth of another without apology.


Trusting ourselves to know what truly resonates for us in all life experiences, while simultaneously blessing all else that doesn’t resonate as part of the Oneness and leaving it for others who are a vibrational match to it.


Understanding that our internal perspective creates our external experience not the other way around.


Allowing ourselves to flow naturally with life by surrendering to what is so rather than succumbing to the belief that life should be showing up as something different.


Allowing direct divine connection in everyday reality by opening up our unique channels to Spirit through authentic living.


Doing the necessary uncovering of old beliefs and patterns through a variety of self-exploratory means to fully know, embrace and unconditionally love the Man in the Mirror so that wholeness may be felt deep within and expressed in physical reality.


Allowing our soul purpose (dharma) to emerge in a way that feels good to us without any resistance or reliance on the approval of others.


The freedom to be passionately, fully, unabashedly, and authentically ourselves in every moment of every day!

We are each enough! SELF-LOVE, coupled with compassion and loving service toward our fellow man that stems from our truth, will create both the personal life and the world that our heart truly desires.

Annie Burnside

A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed. is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development.  Her book Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2010) offers everyday mediums and universal, life-affirming themes to those families seeking to expand spiritual awareness in the home.  Annie resides in Chicago, IL with her husband and three children.



Green Building and the Divine Feminine

by: Elizabeth Diane

Many people have raised evocative discussions about Green Building lately, dissecting, analyzing and attempting to define exactly what it means.  Does it mean racking up as many LEED points as possible?  Reversing the greenhouse effect by installing solar panels and insulating well?  Or to build like indigenous cultures, with what local, natural earth and organic materials are available?

Perhaps there are many “shades of green” for all the definitions. However you define “green”, it is important to remember why we are even having this discussion.  It has everything to do with our relationship with nature and the imbalanced societies we have created.  When we produce and build on a massive scale with no sense of “enough”, we have tipped the scales and now we are seeing the results in ever-degraded global environments.  Since we live in a material world of opposing/complimentary forces, it is relevant to look at the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine to illustrate what is happening on Gaia, the ancient name for Mother Earth.  Most ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, Egyptians, Hindu, Aztecs, Chinese, Norse, Mayan, Celtic and many others, had their gods and goddesses that together balanced their cosmology and affected their societies.  Those societies that ignored the lessons of balance created either a matriarchy or a patriarchy. Continue reading “Green Building and the Divine Feminine”

A Buildings Soul

by:  Elizabeth Diane  –

Home is a powerful archetype. Home is a place of refuge, warmth and safety.  At its best, it nurtures and feeds the soul.  It requires that we pay attention to it’s heating, electrical, moisture and air quality maintenance to prevent discomfort.  At worst, it needs costly repairs to keep it as a worthwhile structure.  But deeper in the psyche, it represents what we really are.  It represents the body we wear… our soul’s garment.

In Green Building, we have now come to analyze it for its inherent good or bad to the environment.  We assign points for every little green detail in order to give it a green seal of approval.  We have begun to wake up to some of the atrocities we have done to this lovely blue pearl of a planet we live on and are in the process of triage.  We are in a state of analysis with home design, and we sometimes forget about the “soul” of the home.

Great, balanced, healthy home design has soul, along with practical considerations.  It has an intentional relationship to Mother Earth, respecting and honoring the plant life, stones and materials that come from her, in order to make a wonderful place to live.  Sounds nice, right?  But how do we achieve it?  A check list, such as ones you can find through LEED or the Living Building Challenge can be a great place to start, but don’t stop there.  The soul is about harmonizing and balancing opposites.  Checklists can be very linear and left-brained.  Balance comes from bringing in an intuitive, right-brained approach.  So, be playful with colors, materials, shapes and textures while listening to what “feels” right.  Set a clear intent about what you want the building spaces to feel like.  Clear your mind and imagine what the series of spatial experiences will be as you move through different parts of the building.  And most importantly, listen to and trust your inner-guidance with design decisions.  Your heart and soul will fill your future space, before you even begin to build!



Conscious and Collective Evolution

Nicolya Christi

by:  Nicolya Christi –

Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented collective trajectory towards a shift from the old and into a new paradigm. The time is upon those of us spiritually awakening, or awake, to more fully align with the higher purpose of our Souls.

A part of us knows that beyond our personal world lies a greater purpose – that we each have a soul mission. However, many lose sight of such, overwhelmed or blinded to the fact by psychologically dysfunctional patterns formed as a result of difficult and painful early childhood experiences and/or unresolved karma.

However, many of us are beginning to remember that there is a truer expression of who we are and what we wish to offer to the world, due to the various spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and self-healing explorations we have undergone in order to become more psychologically integrated. If we use the analogy of an onion, many of us have spent years peeling back the layers in order to re-encounter our True Self which had been buried under history, cultural conditioning and pre-determined evolutionary experiences. The closer we come to re-encountering our core Self, the more we remember.

It is possible to express our gifts in the world proactively without the painstaking peeling away of layers. Accomplished artists, philosophers, musicians, poets, pioneers, inventors, healers, mediums, and great spiritual teachers have contributed enormously to the world without having done such. This is because of their ability to either bypass or access the core of their emotional wounding to tap into and express their higher purpose.

However, many of the great minds, creators, and sensitives of this world, such as musicians like Mozart or artists like van Gogh, writers like Tolstoy, pioneers like Howard Hughes, seers like Nostradamus, and humanitarians like Oskar Schindler, live unfulfilled personal lives having split from their psychological shadow, unconsciously sabotaging their lives at a personal level, thus failing to develop any deep intimate knowing of themselves or those around them. Continue reading “Conscious and Collective Evolution”