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Organic farming is the process of producing food naturally. This method avoids the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms to influence the growth of crops. The main idea behind organic farming is ‘zero impact’ on the environment. The motto of the organic farmer is to protect the earth’s resources and produce safe, healthy food.

Organic farmers and gardeners grow their crops without the aid of artificial fertilizers and harmful chemical pesticides. Organic ranchers and dairymen raise their livestock free of drugs and animal hormones. Supporters of the organic lifestyle believe that food produced in this manner is of higher quality, tastes better, and possesses higher nutritional value in comparison to food produced by conventional, chemical-based methods.

Many developed countries, including the United States and those in Europe, have certification programs to restrict the liberal use of the term “Organic”. This has benefited the consumer by ensuring that quality assurance standards have been met and that the source is reliable. The definition of organic varies from place to place but may include things such as a minimum time period that a field is free of chemical use before being used for organic farming.

Organic farming and organic food production have some other basic rules:

– no use of chemical fertilizers or synthetic drugs
– no use of genetically modified organisms
– prevention from soil loss and erosion
– promotion of ‘bio diversity’ – support a range of crops, not a single species

Organic farming has re-emerged as the outcome of consumer reaction against harmful toxins and the desire for more health and environmental safeguards. This method is a re-implementation of a primitive process followed by our ancestors before they discovered chemicals that could save time and improve crop quality, but had the unfortunate side effect of ruining our air, water, and soil.

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